Scheduled Maintenance of Peering with Google / Google 連線維修

Connection with Google is scheduled for maintenance in this period: Start Time: 2024-03-13 01:39:24 +0800 HKTEnd Time: 2024-03-13 06:49:24 +0800 HKT Google services will remain available but speed will be slower. 與Google的連接預定於此期間進行維護: 開始時間:2024-03-13 01:39:24 +0800 HKT 結束時間:2024-03-13 ... 閱讀全文 »

12th Mar 2024
[ REPAIRED ] Temporary Outage of Direct Google Peering / Google 直連故障

The following issues has been resolved at 2024-03-07 00:19:30 +0800 HKT Our direct BGP peering with Google AS15169 is temporarily out of service due to circuit failure. Problem is being repaired. Affected service includes Youtube and Google Cloud Platform Services, their speed will become slower. 我們與 Google AS15169 的直接 BGP ... 閱讀全文 »

6th Mar 2024