Enterprise Linux Cluster

HKIX 直連 + IPv6 / 中國及國際頻寬 / 多區多節點高可用性雲 確保你的 VPS 100% 運作 / 支援快速快照及恢復 / HKIX Direct + IPv6 / China and International Bandwidth / High Availability Hot Migration Across Multi-Nodes In Multi Data Centres / Supports fast snapshots and fallbacks

企業集群 Enterprise HA Linux Cluster (Zone C)

16個CPU內核,64G內存,1T SAN存儲,1T SAN 備份儲存,64個快照,6個IPv4+6個IPv6,靈活配置多台 Linux VPS,每個公網IP接口500Mbps 共 3000Mbps,另加每台機器私人以太網絡接口 1Gbps 連接所有VPS,100條防火牆規則,所有VPS高可用性主機自動轉移,全部不限流量,支援主要 Linux 系統包括 OracleLinux 6.10/8。Total 16 CPU cores, 64G RAM, 1T SAN storage, 1T SAN backup storage, 64 snapshots, 6 IPv4 + 6 IPv6, allowing flexible configuration of multiple Linux VPSes on a HA cluster. All public IP connected with 500Mbps interfaces totalling 3000Mbps, with 1Gbps private ethernet connection on all VPS, 100 firewall rules, unlimited traffic, High Availability cluster auto migration, supports all major Linux distributions including OracleLinux 6.10/8.