(Sold Out ...) HKIX Connected + Google Direct Peer + China Bandwidth + High-Availability Cloud Cluster - Subscription to Multiple CPU cores + RAM + clustered SAN SSD storage and multiple public IPs, allowing flexible configuration of multiple VPS on a multi-node High-Availability Cloud Cluster across two data centers. Monthly Payment, Starts from HK$20 per month per VPS. More>>

(反應熱烈已經售罄 ... ) HKIX+Google 直連+中國頻寬+高可用性雲 VPS - 使用多個CPU內核+內存+SAN SSD+多個公共IP,靈活配置多個VPS,運行於兩個數據中心的多節點高可用性雲群集上,任何主機故障不會影響服務。每月付款,每個 VPS 每月港幣 $20 起。詳情>>

Friday, January 3, 2020

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